Quickly build apps without worrying about infrastructure

Aerobase is a mobile/web platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality modern web and mobile applications.

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Amazing Services

Getting it right the first time.


Out of the box Single Sign On (SSO) and Identity Management (IDM). Manage your users, costomize your login/registration theme ...

Push Notifications

High volume, blazing fast, free, unlimited, cross platform push notification delivery. Send push notifications to any device ...

Realtime Database

Sync and share files and resources from/to any device. Aerobase provides full read, write, and notification capabilities through HTTP/REST

Social Networks

Connect your users via traditional logins or third party social networks with just a few clicks.

Automatic emails

Send automatic verification and welcome emails to your users. Use your own html template.


This keeps you informed of app events.

No limits on devices, notifications, or integrations.Seriously. Ready to Get Started with Our World Class Solutions?.

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Storage, security, push and more. Quickly build apps without worrying about infrastructure. Don’t waste your time building backend server from scratch when we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.


Aerobase is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure.

No Vendor Lock-in

Migrate your data from and to our cloud at any stage. Host your own opensource aerobase.org instance or use our Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS)