Plans Open Source & Long-term Support (LTS)

Open Source






SLA & Support *
Packages for RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS
Docker Edition (DE) support
Windows Installer
Dynamic Branding (Multi Tenancy)
Productization Support [1]
Security design consulting (per month) [2]
1 hour 3 hours 4 hours
Scheduled support meetings (per month) [2]
1 hour 3 hours 4 hours
Cloud Test Instance
Response Times Production [3]
12 bus Hour 6 bus Hours 3 Hours (24/7)
Response Times Pre-Production [3]
2 bus days 1 bus day 1 bus day
Development Service [4]
Optional Optional Optional
* All support plans are calculated monthly and billed annually up front.
[1] Productizers are companies that use the Aerobase server as an embedded component and distribute their products to enterprise sites.
[2] Hours shall be calculated on a calendar monthly basis.
Hours not used in any calendar month shall expire and cannot be used in consequent months
[3] All support issues are to be reported and resolved via the Aerobase support portal.
Aerobase will evaluate and respond to new issues within the time frames set forth in the Support Response Times matrix.
Response times start only when a contact from the customer organization reports a problem on the Aerobase support portal.
[4] Development services are available upon Client’s request at a price of 100 USD per hour.