This guide helps you get started with Aerobase. It covers server configuration and use of the default database. Advanced deployment options are not covered. For a deeper description of features or configuration options, consult the other reference guides.

Installing and Booting

This section describes how to boot a Aerobase server and log in to the Aerobase admin console. Aerobase takes just 2 minutes to install and is packaged in the popular deb / rpm / msi / docker formats.

Installing Distribution Files

Download the Aerobase Server:

  • aerobase-2.4.2.[deb|rpm|msi]

  • aerobase-iam-2.4.2.[deb|rpm]

These files can be downloaded from Aerobase downloads.

Install packages

$ yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk
$ yum install aerobase-2.4.2.el7.x86_64.rpm aerobase-iam-2.4.2.el7.x86_64.rpm


$ apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
$ apt-get install aerobase_2.4.2_xenial.deb aerobase-iam_2.4.2_xenial.deb
> msiexec.exe /i aerobase-openjdk-2.4.2-x64.msi
  1. Installing on windows require PowerShell 5.1+.

  2. Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server require 'sqlcmd' utility.

Configuring the external URL

In order for Aerobase to properly validate oauth requests it needs to know the URL under which it is reached by your users, e.g. http://idp.aerobase.com. Add or edit the following line in /etc/aerobase/aerobase.rb:

external_url "http://idp.aerobase.com"
Any changes you make to this file while the server is running will not take effect. Run sudo aerobase-ctl reconfigure for the change to take effect.

Booting the Server

To boot the Aerobase server, first run the aerobase-ctl configuration script:

$ aerobase-ctl reconfigure
$ aerobase-ctl start
> aerobase-ctl.bat reconfigure
Enabling HTTPS will require additional configuration to specify the certificates.

Logging in to the Admin Console

After you create the initial admin account, use the following steps to log in to the admin console:

  1. Click the Administration Console link on the Welcome page or go directly to the console URL http://localhost/auth/admin/aerobase/console

  2. Type the default username and password (admin/123).

    Admin Console

    admin console

Updating Aerobase

Depending on the installation method and your Aerobase version, there are multiple update guides.

There are currently 2 official ways to install Aerobase:

  1. Omnibus packages

  2. Docker installation

Omnibus Package Upgrade

Make sure to backup your database before starting any upgrade process
  1. Stop aerobase services aerobase-ctl stop

  2. Install new package Distribution Files

  3. run aerobase-ctl reconfigure

  4. Start all services aerobase-ctl start

Installation using Docker

Aerobase provides official Docker images. They are based on the Omnibus package and instructions on how to update them are in a separate document.