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The little story behind Socicon

Socicon was created to give people an easy way to customize social icons.
Made in France
In France we are very proud of our food (sometimes a bit too much)! Socicon refers to the saucisson, a sort of dry sausage that we eat as an aperitif with a drink, with cheese, in a packed lunch, well we can really eat saucisson any time, anywhere and with anyone!


Socicon is released under SIL Open Font License 1.1 (
You are free to use it on your website or project.

Commercial use

You can use Socicon on a commercial project (a product or service that you sell, make money out of it). You only have to credit Socicon with a backlink to
You can use this:
Social icons font: <a href="" target="_blank" alt="Free social icons font" title="the social icons font">socicon</a>

Share & Help

If you use Socicon for any project, please make a backlink to somewhere in credits, imprint, legal notice.
It will give us a hand and be highly appreciated. You can also share Socicon on twitter, facebook, google+ or anywhere else.

You can also make a donation